Thoroughbred Brews: Sipping on Beers Named After Horses

Thoroughbred Brews: Sipping on Beers Named After Horses

If you’re a lover of both beer and horses, then combining the two for a unique experience may be right up your alley. Breweries around the world have named their craft beers after famous racehorses, creating a perfect blend of two beloved passions. In this article, we’ll explore the exciting world of thoroughbred brews and how they’ve become a popular choice among beer enthusiasts.

The Inspiration Behind the Names

Beer and horse racing share a long-standing history together. In fact, it’s not uncommon for horse racing events to include beer gardens where race goers can enjoy a cold brew with their favorite racehorses. In this sense, naming a beer after a racehorse is a fitting tribute to both beer and horseracing.

The inspiration behind the names of these beers varies. Sometimes, the name of the horse represents the taste of the beer or the brewery’s location. Other times, it may simply be a nod to the horse’s pedigree or famous race wins.

Top Thoroughbred Brews

Here are some popular thoroughbred brews that horse and beer enthusiasts alike will enjoy:

Big Brown Ale

Big Brown Ale is named after the horse who won both the 2008 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. This ale is brewed with a solid malt backbone and a touch of dry hops for a slightly bitter finish.

Sea Biscuit Amber

Named after the beloved racehorse Sea Biscuit, this amber ale pays tribute to the horse through its smooth and malty taste. It’s a perfect complement to a relaxing summer evening.

Secretariat Stout

Secretariat Stout is an imperial stout beer that’s named after the great Secretariat, who won the coveted Triple Crown in 1973. It’s brewed with rich chocolate malt with hints of roasted coffee and has a smooth finish.

Man O’ War IPA

Named after one of the greatest racehorses of all time, Man O’ War is an IPA that packs a punch with its hoppy aroma and citrus finish. It’s a perfect beer to enjoy while watching horse racing events.

Brewers’ Series: Barbaro Black Lager

Barbaro Black Lager is a tribute to Barbaro, who won the Kentucky Derby in 2006. This is a black lager brewed with a combination of roasted malt and hops for a smooth but bold flavor.

Why Thoroughbred Brews are Popular

Apart from the unique names, there are many other reasons why thoroughbred brews have become a popular choice for beer enthusiasts. For one, these beers often reflect the personality of the horse they’re named after. Furthermore, breweries always use high-quality ingredients when brewing these beers to ensure that they’re a perfect fit for their equine namesake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a comprehensive list of thoroughbred beers?

Yes, there are several lists that are available online that provide a comprehensive collection of thoroughbred beers.

Do breweries need permission to name beer after horses?

Yes, breweries need to gain permission from the horse’s owner or the racecourse before naming their beers after horses.

Do thoroughbred brews taste like horse feed?

Not at all! These beers use only the finest ingredients to create a unique and delicious taste that appeals to a broad range of beer drinkers.

Are there any horse-free beers that are similar to thoroughbred brews?

While they may not be named after horses, many breweries offer similar high-quality craft beers that appeal to beer enthusiasts.

In conclusion, thoroughbred brews are a unique and exciting way to honor the shared history of beer and horse racing. With their flavorful taste and intriguing names, these beers are a perfect choice for those who enjoy a good beer while watching their favorite racehorse in action. So, the next time you want to unwind and sip on a cold one, try one of these unique beer offerings and join in on the fun!

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