Stronger than a Stallion: The Power of Beer for Horses

Stronger than a Stallion: The Power of Beer for Horses

If you’re a horse owner, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of feeding your horse beer. Yes, you read that correctly, beer! Surprisingly, beer has been praised for its medicinal benefits when given to horses, even being referred to as “horse ale”. In this article, we’ll explore the power of beer for horses and how it can contribute to their overall health.

What is horse ale and how does it work?

Horse ale, as it’s commonly called, is a mixture of non-alcoholic beer and a variety of herbs and spices. The herbal infusion consists of ingredients such as chamomile, ginger, and licorice, which have been known to have several health benefits for horses. One of the primary benefits of horse ale is the calming effect it has on horses. It helps to relieve anxiety and promotes relaxation. This calming effect makes it an excellent drink for horses during transportation, competition or training.

The benefits of feeding horses beer

Improved digestion

Digestive problems are common in horses. Unlike humans, horses can’t burp or vomit, making digestion especially important. Horse ale has ingredients like ginger and licorice that can help with digestion, reducing the risk of issues such as colic, ulcers and bloating.

Improved coat health

One of the primary benefits of feeding horses beer is that it improves their coat health. Beer contains vitamin B and yeast, which have been known to promote healthy skin, fur and hoof development. This makes horse ale an excellent dietary supplement for horses with dry or patchy coats.

Effective fly deterrent

Flies can make horses restless and agitated, which is why horse owners are always searching for effective repellents. Surprisingly, horse ale contains hops, which have been known to repel flies and other insects. Hops are also known to have a calming effect on horses, making it an excellent drink for horses struggling with anxiety from insect bites.

How to feed horse ale

The recommended amount of horse ale to feed horses varies with the size of the animal. Generally, smaller horses can be given around 100ml of horse ale while larger horses may require 500ml. It’s important to use non-alcoholic beer when preparing horse ale. It’s also vital to ensure that the beer is served at room temperature, as it’s not recommended to feed horses cold beverages.

Is it safe to feed beer to horses?

Yes, it is. Modern horse ale is typically made from non-alcoholic beer with herbal infusion, which makes it absolutely safe for horses. Some horse owners have reported that their horses prefer the taste of horse ale over regular water, although horses should still be provided with fresh drinking water as their primary source of hydration.


In conclusion, horse ale is a safe and effective supplement that offers several health benefits to horses. From improving digestion to enhancing coat and skin health, the calming infusion has a range of advantages for horse welfare. When fed in moderation, horse ale can be a valuable addition to any horse owner’s feeding regimen.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you feed beer to a foal?

A: No. Horse ale is not recommended for foals and should only be given to horses who have finished their nursing phase.

Q: Will horse ale get a horse drunk?

A: No. Horse ale is made from non-alcoholic beer and should not have any intoxicating effects.

Q: Can horse ale be used for overweight horses?

A: Yes. Horse ale can be used to help overweight horses lose weight by enhancing their metabolic rate.

Q: Can horse ale be used to treat anxiety disorders in horses?

A: Yes. Horse ale contains calming herbs and spices that can help alleviate anxiety in horses and create a more relaxed temperament.

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