Pabst Blue Raspberry – A Sweet and Sour Beer

Pabst Blue Raspberry – A Sweet and Sour Beer


When you think of beer, the flavor combination of sweet and sour probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But the folks at Pabst Blue Ribbon have taken a chance on blending these two flavors in their latest offering: Pabst Blue Raspberry. Is it a gimmick or a delicious surprise? Let’s dive into the world of this unique beer and find out.

What is Pabst Blue Raspberry Beer?

Pabst Blue Raspberry is a limited edition flavored beer from Pabst Blue Ribbon. It’s a lager-style beer that’s been infused with natural raspberry flavoring. The result is a sweet and sour beer that’s somewhat reminiscent of a raspberry lemonade. It’s a light beer with an ABV of 4.5%.

The Taste

If you’re a fan of sour candy, you’ll probably like Pabst Blue Raspberry. The beer is bright pink in color and has a tart, raspberry aroma. The taste is undeniably fruity, with a sour punch that hits you upfront. There’s a slight sweetness on the back end that helps balance out the sourness, but make no mistake – this is a beer that leans towards sour.


The sourness of Pabst Blue Raspberry makes it an interesting pairing with rich, savory foods. Try it with spicy wings, nachos, or a barbecue sandwich. The bright, fruity flavor also makes it a great pairing with light summer fare, like a fruit salad or grilled chicken. And of course, it would be a fun addition to any summer party or barbecue.

Marketing Pabst Blue Raspberry

Pabst Blue Ribbon is known for their off-kilter marketing campaigns, and Pabst Blue Raspberry is no exception. The packaging for the beer is eye-catching and whimsical, with a bright pink and blue color scheme. The company has even created an accompanying “Razzle Dazzle” promotion that encourages customers to share photos of themselves with the beer on social media. The promotion includes a chance to win a free year’s supply of Pabst Blue Raspberry.


Is Pabst Blue Raspberry only available for a limited time?

Yes, Pabst Blue Raspberry is a limited edition beer and won’t be around forever. Stock up while you can!

Can I find Pabst Blue Raspberry at my local bar or liquor store?

It may depend on where you live, but Pabst Blue Raspberry should be available at most bars and liquor stores that carry Pabst Blue Ribbon products. Check with your local store to be sure.

Is Pabst Blue Raspberry gluten-free?

Unfortunately, Pabst Blue Raspberry is not gluten-free. It’s made with barley, which contains gluten.

What’s the alcohol percentage in Pabst Blue Raspberry beer?

Pabst Blue Raspberry has an ABV of 4.5%, which is about average for a light beer.


If you’re in the mood for something a little different, give Pabst Blue Raspberry a try. While the flavor won’t be for everyone, it’s certainly a unique and fun beer to experiment with. The sourness might be a bit overpowering for some, but those who enjoy fruity, tart flavors may find a new summer favorite in Pabst Blue Raspberry. Don’t wait too long to try it, though – this limited edition beer won’t be around forever!

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