No-Hop Zone: A Guide to Hops-Free Beers

No-Hop Zone: A Guide to Hops-Free Beers


Beer is often synonymous with hops, which is a key ingredient in the brewing process. But what if you’re not a fan of hops? Fortunately, there are plenty of hops-free beers available on the market today. In this guide, we’ll explore the world of hops-free beer, from its history to the best beer brands to try.

Why Hops-Free Beer?

For some, hops can be an acquired taste, with its bitterness and floral notes overpowering other flavors in the beer. Others may even be allergic to hops. Hops-free beer offers an alternative for those who want to enjoy a cold brew without the hops.

A Brief History of Hops-Free Beer

Beer has been around for thousands of years, and until the 16th century, it didn’t even contain hops. Hops were eventually added to beer as a natural preservative and to eliminate the need for other herbs and spices. Before hops, beer was brewed with a variety of ingredients such as sweet gale, mugwort, and spruce tips.

The Rise of Hops-Free Beer

In recent years, hops-free beer has seen a surge in popularity, as more people become interested in craft beer and non-alcoholic options. With advancements in flavor extraction technology, breweries are able to create complex and flavorful hops-free beers that appeal to a wider audience.

The Best Hops-Free Beer Brands to Try

1. Athletic Brewing Co.: This brewery specializes in non-alcoholic beers, including their award-winning Run Wild IPA, which has all the hoppy flavor you could want without the hops.

2. WellBeing Brewing Co.: This Missouri-based brewery offers a range of non-alcoholic beers, including their Heavenly Body Golden Wheat, made with malted barley, wheat, and hops-free brewing sugars.

3. Gruvi: This Denver-based brewery specializes in alcohol-free beer, offering IPAs, lagers, and even non-alcoholic wines.

Making Hops-Free Beer

Hops-free beers are made using a variety of ingredients to achieve the desired flavors. Brewers may use herbs, spices, fruits, or yeast strains to replace the bitterness and floral notes that hops provide. Many breweries also use a combination of grains and hops-free brewing sugars to achieve a balanced and delicious beer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hops-Free Beer

Q: Is hops-free beer healthier than regular beer?

A: Hops-free beer may be lower in calories and have fewer hops-related side effects, but it still contains alcohol, so it should be consumed in moderation.

Q: Does hops-free beer taste different?

A: Hops-free beer may have a different flavor profile than traditional beer, but it can still be delicious and complex.

Q: Can hops-free beer be brewed at home?

A: Yes, homebrewers can experiment with different ingredients and brewing methods to create their own hops-free beer.


Hops-free beer offers a unique and flavorful alternative to traditional beer. With its rising popularity, there are more options than ever before for those who want to enjoy a cold brew without the hops. Whether you’re allergic to hops or just not a fan of the flavor, give hops-free beer a try and discover a whole new world of beer.

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