Hops On Tap: Beer Festivals Near Me

Hops On Tap: Beer Festivals Near Me

Looking for a fun way to experience the world of craft beer? Beer festivals provide an exciting opportunity to sample new brews, have a great time with friends, and learn more about the craft beer industry. Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or just getting started with craft beer, there’s nothing quite like the experience of a beer festival.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best beer festivals near you, how to prepare for the event, and what you can expect when you attend.

The Best Beer Festivals Near Me

When it comes to beer festivals, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Here are some of the best beer festivals in the US that are definitely worth checking out:

1. Great American Beer Festival – Denver, Colorado
2. Oregon Brewers Festival – Portland, Oregon
3. Midwest Beerfest – Wichita, Kansas
4. Sun BrewFest – Uncasville, Connecticut
5. Philly Beer Week – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Preparing for the Festival

Before attending a beer festival, there are a few things you should do to prepare:

1. Buy your tickets in advance – beer festivals can sell out quickly, so it’s best to get your tickets early.
2. Have a plan – research which breweries will be in attendance and which beers you want to try.
3. Dress appropriately – wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you’ll be on your feet for a while.
4. Bring cash – many beer festivals only accept cash for beer purchases.
5. Stay hydrated – be sure to drink water throughout the event to avoid getting too drunk.

What to Expect at a Beer Festival

When you arrive at a beer festival, you’ll be given a tasting glass and a map of the event. From there, you can start sampling a variety of beers from different breweries. Most beer festivals are held outdoors in a large area, so you’ll have plenty of space to walk around and explore.

In addition to beer sampling, many festivals also feature food vendors, live music, and beer education sessions. Some festivals also feature games and activities, such as cornhole or giant Jenga, that add to the fun and excitement of the event.


1. Are beer festivals only for beer enthusiasts?

No, while beer festivals are a great opportunity for beer enthusiasts to try new beers, they’re also a fun experience for anyone who enjoys beer and socializing with friends.

2. Can I bring my own glass to a beer festival?

No, most beer festivals provide their own tasting glasses to ensure that all attendees are using the same glassware.

3. Are beer festivals safe?

Most beer festivals have designated drivers or transportation options to ensure that attendees can enjoy the event safely. It’s important to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

In conclusion, beer festivals are an excellent way to explore the exciting world of craft beer. With so many beer festivals to choose from, there’s something for everyone, from the casual beer drinker to the seasoned beer enthusiast. So gather your friends, prepare wisely, and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable experience at your local beer festival.

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