Funk, Sour, and Wild: The Wonderful World of Non-Traditional Beer Varieties

Funk, Sour, and Wild: The Wonderful World of Non-Traditional Beer Varieties

For many people, beer is just a simple, refreshing drink that you have after a long day’s work or during a relaxing weekend barbeque. However, for those who seek out the more adventurous, complex and unusual types of beer, there is an entirely different world to explore. This world is all about the funky, sour and wild variations of beer that have been gaining popularity in recent years.

What are Funk, Sour and Wild Beers?

Funk, sour and wild beers are all non-traditional beer varieties, each with its own unique taste and style. These beers are typically made using a more complex and experimental brewing process than the regular lagers and ales that most people are used to.

Funk Beers

Funk beers are characterized by their distinctive aroma and flavor that comes from the fermentation process. They incorporate wild yeast strains, bacteria and other microorganisms that create a unique blend of flavors, ranging from earthy, musty and even funky. These beers typically have a tart and tangy taste and a slightly higher alcohol percentage than traditional beers.

Sour Beers

Sour beers, as the name suggests, are brewed to have a distinct sour flavor. These beers are also made using wild yeast and bacteria, but the brewing process involves introducing specific strains of bacteria to achieve the desired flavor. The sourness can range from mildly tart to mouth-puckeringly acidic, depending on the style of beer.

Wild Beers

Wild beers are a unique blend of both funk and sour flavors. These beers are made using a combination of wild yeast and bacteria strains, as well as fruit, herbs or spices. They can have a wide variety of flavors, but typically have a tart and tangy taste, along with other unique flavors brought in by the additional ingredients.

What Makes These Beers So Special?

What sets these non-traditional beers apart from regular beer is the variety of flavors that they offer. While traditional beer can be refreshing and satisfying, it typically has a relatively straightforward flavor profile. Funk, sour and wild beers, on the other hand, are full of surprises. Each beer is unique, with its own distinctive taste, aroma and mouthfeel. These beers are also highly complex, with multiple layers of flavor that can change over time.

The brewing process is also more intricate and requires a level of skill and expertise that is beyond what is required to brew traditional beer. The use of wild yeast and bacteria strains means that there is a higher degree of unpredictability in the brewing process, meaning that every batch of beer is different.

What Are Some Popular Funk, Sour and Wild Beers?


Lambic is a traditional Belgian beer that is known for its sour, tart flavor and earthy aroma. This beer is created through a spontaneous fermentation process that is unique to the region. Fruit lambics, such as those brewed with cherries, blackcurrants or raspberries are particularly popular.


Gose is a German sour ale that is brewed using coriander and salt. The beer has a tart, almost salty flavor that is refreshing, especially on hot summer days. Gose is a beer that has been growing in popularity in recent years and is now brewed by many craft breweries in the US too.

Berliner Weiss

Berliner Weiss is another German sour ale that is popular with beer aficionados. This beer is known for its tart, acidic flavor that is achieved through lactic fermentation. This beer is often served with a shot of raspberry or woodruff syrup, which adds a touch of sweetness to the tartness of the beer.

How Are These Beers Best Enjoyed?

One of the best ways to enjoy funk, sour and wild beers is to pair them with food. The complex and tangy flavors of these beers are perfect for cutting through rich, bold flavors, making them an ideal companion for spicy dishes, cheese plates or grilled meats. These beers are also typically best enjoyed at room temperature or slightly chilled, depending on the style of beer.

When it comes to serving, glassware is important. Most sours and wild beers are best served in a tulip glass, while funk beers are best served in a snifter.


Are Funk, Sour and Wild Beers Healthy?

While beer is not necessarily a healthy drink, funk, sour and wild beers are typically lower in calories and carbs than traditional beer. These beers also have a lower alcohol content, which can be a plus for those looking to enjoy a beer without getting too drunk. However, as with any alcoholic beverage, moderation is key.

Are Funk, Sour and Wild Beers Only for Beer Experts?

While these types of beer may not be for everyone, anyone can enjoy them. Many people who are not typically beer drinkers find that they enjoy these non-traditional beer varieties. It is all about finding a beer that appeals to your palate and sense of adventure.

Where Can I Find Funk, Sour and Wild Beers?

Many craft breweries now offer these types of beers. Additionally, many bars and restaurants that specialize in craft beer will have them on their menus. Finally, you can often find these beers at liquor stores that offer a wide selection of craft beers.


Funk, sour and wild beers are an exciting and flavorful addition to the world of beer. These complex and unusual beers are perfect for those who love to experiment with new flavors and want to expand their beer palate beyond traditional lagers and ales. Whether you are an experienced beer drinker or a novice looking for something new, there is a funk, sour or wild beer out there that is waiting for you to try it.

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