From Pints to Progress: A Story of How Beer Saved the World (Streaming)

From Pints to Progress: A Story of How Beer Saved the World (Streaming)

Beer, the world’s oldest and most beloved alcoholic beverage, has played a significant role in shaping human civilization. Its influence has been so great that it has been credited with saving the world more than once. From providing safe drinking water to boosting the economy, the story of how beer saved the world is a fascinating one. Today, streaming shows have become a favored option to learn about the history of beer, and this article will highlight a few of them.

The Origins of Beer

The origins of beer can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia over 5000 years ago. It was a staple beverage in ancient societies, and it played an important role in religious ceremonies and community gatherings. The Babylonians, Egyptians and Greeks all brewed beer, and it was considered a sign of civilization and prosperity.

Beer and the Renaissance

The Renaissance, a period of cultural and intellectual rebirth in Europe, saw the rise of beer as a popular beverage. The beer brewing process was refined, and beer was consumed in large quantities by both the lower and upper classes. Beer became an essential part of the European diet, and it even played a role in the scientific discoveries of the period.

Beer in the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution brought about a new era of beer production. The invention of the steam engine revolutionized the brewing process, and beer was now being produced on a large scale. Beer became an integral part of the working-class diet, and pub culture emerged as an essential social institution in industrialized countries.

The Role of Beer in Microbiology

Beer played a significant role in the development of microbiology. Louis Pasteur, a French microbiologist who is credited with the discovery of the germ theory, studied the role of yeast in the fermentation process of beer. His experiments laid the foundation for the understanding of microbial fermentation, which revolutionized the food and beverage industry.

Beer and Public Health

Beer has played a significant role in public health throughout history. In ancient societies, beer was often the safest beverage to drink as the brewing process purified the water. In the middle ages, beer was considered a health tonic and was often prescribed for ailments. In the 19th century, beer was used to combat cholera outbreaks as it was believed to have antibacterial properties.

Beer and the Economy

Beer has been an essential driver of the economy throughout history. In medieval Europe, beer was used as a form of currency, and it was often traded for goods and services. The beer industry is a vital sector of the modern-day economy, and it generates billions of dollars in revenue each year.

Streaming Shows on the History of Beer

There are a plethora of streaming shows available that explore the history of beer, including the popular Netflix series, “Brews Brothers,” that follows the trials and tribulations of two brothers who run a brewery. Another favorite is “The Beer Hunter,” which follows British journalist Michael Jackson as he travels the world exploring the diverse beer cultures of different countries.


The story of how beer saved the world is a fascinating one, and it highlights the significant role that beer has played throughout history. From providing safe drinking water to boosting the economy, beer has contributed to the progress and development of human civilization. Whether enjoyed in a pub or studied through streaming shows, beer continues to be a beloved and essential part of human culture.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Did beer really save the world?

Beer has played a critical role in shaping human civilization throughout history. Its influence has been far-reaching, and it has contributed to many significant advancements, from the development of microbiology to the growth of the economy.

2. How has beer impacted public health?

Beer has been instrumental in promoting public health throughout history. In ancient societies, beer was often safer to drink than unfiltered water. During outbreaks of cholera and other diseases, beer was often used to combat the spread of illness due to its antibacterial properties.

3. What streaming shows are available about the history of beer?

There are a variety of streaming shows available about the history of beer. Some of the most popular include “Brews Brothers” on Netflix and “The Beer Hunter,” which explores beer culture around the world.

4. Is beer still relevant today?

Absolutely! Beer is still a beloved beverage around the world, and it continues to be an essential part of human culture. It’s enjoyed in pubs and bars, as well as studied and analyzed through various media, like streaming shows.

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