From Hoof to Hops: A Beer for My Horses Story

From Hoof to Hops: A Beer for My Horses Story

Are you a fan of beer? Do you also have a love for horses? Then, have you ever thought about the connection between horses and beer? It might surprise you to know that horses have a long history in the brewing industry. In this article, we’ll take a look at the fascinating tale of From Hoof to Hops: A Beer for My Horses Story.

The Horse and Brewing History

The equine history in brewing can date back centuries, primarily due to the need to transport goods to market and other trades industry. In fact, horses played an essential role in the transportation of beer over long distances, dating back to the 19th century. Even before that, horses would provide power for the milling of grains that would later be used in beer recipes.

Aside from transportation, horses have contributed to the brewing of beer in other ways throughout history. For the most part, horse manure was considered an essential fertilizer used to help crops grow, supplying the barley, hops, and other essential ingredients used to make beer.

The Beer for My Horses Popularity

“A Beer for My Horses” is the name of a popular song written by Toby Keith and Scotty Emerick back in 2002. The song was a huge hit and quickly caught on with beer lovers who appreciated a good brew with their country music.

Several breweries took notice of the pop culture nod and started brewing ‘A Beer for My Horses’ variations of their products. A beer with a name that comes from a country song that celebrates horses sounds like a winner, right?

The Horse-Influenced Beer Creation

Most beers out in the market do not use horses as an ingredient, but in 2015, Coors Light tried using horses in its beer-making process. The idea behind is like that of providing beer nutrients that horses used to need.

During the brewing process, the company used strains of yeast that were found in horse manure. The yeast was successfully able to break down the sugar into alcohol, making for a unique tasting beer.

Making Beer from Horse Manure

Though Coors Light’s experiment never took off, various companies have tried to make beer from horse manure. One of them is called Pony Up Draft Horses, where they have been making beer from the manure of their draft horses. The brewery uses a specially adapted vacuum system to collect all the manure to avoid soil contamination. The manure goes through a thorough sterilization process to ensure that no harmful pathogens are present.

The final product is a beer called Equus, which claims to taste like no other beer. The beer is light, crisp, and refreshing with a hint of sweetness that comes from the barley with a subtle hint of chocolate, coffee, and nuttiness.


Q: Can you make beer from horse milk?

A: Yes, it’s called kumis, a traditional fermented milk product that uses mare’s milk.

Q: Are there any risks to using manure in making beer?

A: There is, that’s why sterilization is vital since some harmful pathogens can be present in manure.

Q: Can you still use horses in beer transportation?

A: While it does happen sometimes, most beer transportation nowadays uses trucks.


While horses are not commonly used in the beer industry, they have played an essential role in the history of brewing. From the transportation of goods to the use of horse manure as a fertilizer, horses have helped to make beer possible.

Additionally, ‘A Beer for My Horses’ is a unique and catchy name that highlights the connection between horses and beer. While some breweries have experimented with creating beer using horse manure, the jury is still out on if it is a viable option for mass production.

In conclusion, the horse and beer connection continue to be an interesting topic that’s worth exploring further. Who knows, maybe in the future, we will see more horse-related beers in the market.

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