Bringing the Brews: Beer Delivery Washington Style

Bringing the Brews: Beer Delivery Washington Style

Craft beer has become a popular beverage choice amongst many individuals. With a growing number of breweries, the rising interest in craft beer, and the current pandemic situation, beer delivery has become a popular option for consumers. In Washington, beer delivery has increased in demand, with many breweries opting to provide this service. Here’s everything you need to know about beer delivery Washington style.

Why is beer delivery in Washington so popular?

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the closure of many businesses while forcing others to adapt to the consumer’s new demands. One of the significant adaptations was the rise in beer delivery services in Washington. With individuals practicing social distancing and avoiding outdoor gatherings, many opted for a beer delivery option instead of visiting their local taprooms or purchasing from the nearest grocery stores.

Who offers beer delivery in Washington?

Several breweries across Washington offer beer delivery services, including the popular Fremont Brewing, Georgetown Brewing, Holy Mountain Brewing, and many more. Breweries such as Geaorgetown Brewing offer delivery with no minimum order or delivery fee, while Holy Mountain Brewing extends its services to over six zip codes. With numerous breweries to choose from, consumers can access more craft beer options than ever before.

How does beer delivery in Washington work?

To order beer delivery in Washington, consumers can visit the brewery’s website or opt for a third-party delivery app such as Drizly, Tavour, or Saucey. The process begins by choosing a beer of choice or a curated selection offered by the chosen brewery. Upon selection, the consumer will place an online order containing required details such as name, address, and payment information. After processing the order, the brewery or delivery app will either deliver the beer to the stated address or schedule a preferred pickup destination.

Are there any restrictions for beer delivery in Washington?

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board requires the person making the delivery to be over 21 years old and to verify the identity of the individual receiving the delivery. Only individuals of legal drinking age can order beer for delivery, and deliveries can only be made within the brewery’s radius or zip code limit. Also, beer deliveries are only available during specific hours depending on the brewery.

What are the benefits of beer delivery in Washington?

Beer delivery in Washington offers several benefits to consumers, including convenience. Customers can order their favorite craft beers from the comfort of their homes, saving time and avoiding crowds. Secondly, beer delivery offers consumers an extensive variety of beer choices, including rare editions and seasonal beers that may not be available in grocery stores. Lastly, beer delivery is a cost-effective approach as many breweries offer discounts and promotions to attract more customers.


In conclusion, beer delivery in Washington has significantly increased in demand, providing consumers with convenience and access to an extensive variety of craft beers. With breweries such as Freement Brewing, Georgetown Brewing, and Holy Mountain Brewing extending their delivery services, individuals can now order their favorite beer and have it delivered straight to their doorstep. As an essential adaptation trend to the current pandemic situation, beer delivery offers a convenient, cost-effective approach for all beer enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beer Delivery in Washington

Do I need to provide my ID during beer delivery?

Yes, the delivery person will need to verify your identity and whether you are of legal drinking age.

Do breweries charge an additional fee for beer delivery?

Some breweries may charge a delivery fee; however, many are offering free delivery or discount rates to attract more customers.

Can I order seasonal beer for delivery?

Yes, many breweries offer seasonal beer choices through their delivery services.

Is third-party delivery service reliable?

Third-party delivery services such as Drizly, Tavour, and Saucey are reliable, and many breweries have partnered with them to offer their delivery services.

What is the delivery timeframe for beer delivery in Washington?

The delivery timeframe for beer delivery varies from one brewery company to another. However, most breweries deliver within 48 hours upon receiving the order.

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