Brews, Booze, and Beyond: A Boozy Adventure in Alexandria, VA

Brews, Booze, and Beyond: A Boozy Adventure in Alexandria, VA

Are you a fan of great beer, wine, and spirits? Do you want to explore one of the best destinations for alcohol in America? Then you need to head to Alexandria, VA.

This charming little town sitting just outside of Washington DC has become a hotspot for alcohol enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether you’re a beer snob, wine lover, or cocktail connoisseur, there’s something here for you.

The Beer Scene in Alexandria

Beer lovers rejoice! Alexandria has an impressive collection of craft breweries, microbreweries, and even distilleries that specialize in brewing beer.

One of the best beer spots in Alexandria is Port City Brewing Company, the largest brewery in the area. This brewery showcases classic beer styles with a modern twist. They offer a full menu of beer including IPAs, porters, and pilsners.

Another notable brewery is Aslin Beer Company. Their taproom boasts an impressive array of IPAs that range from the traditional to the experimental. They also have a selection of pale ales and sours available.

If you’re looking for something unique, try The Veil Brewing Company. They offer an ever-changing menu of innovative beers that vary from week to week.

The Wine Scene in Alexandria

For wine lovers, Alexandria has an impressive list of wine bars and tasting rooms featuring fine wines from around the world.

One of the most visited wine spots in the area is Sonoma Cellar. This wine bar offers an extensive and carefully curated wine list, and they also have a selection of craft beers and small plates available.

Another popular wine spot is The Hour Shop. This shop is known for its vintage-inspired glassware and bar accessories, as well as their well-rounded selection of wines.

If you’re looking for a unique wine experience, head to The Winery at Mount Vernon. This winery is located on the historic Mount Vernon Estate and offers a selection of award-winning wines.

The Cocktail Scene in Alexandria

Alexandria has no shortage of mixology talent with bars offering up their twist on classic cocktails as well as high-end innovative drinks that would impress any cocktail enthusiast.

One of the most popular cocktail bars in the area is Captain Gregory’s. This hidden gem is tucked away in a tiny space disguised as a pastel-colored donut shop. They offer a seasonal menu of inventive cocktails and small bites.

The Majestic is another local hot spot serving up innovative craft cocktails that incorporate locally sourced ingredients. Their menu is constantly evolving, but one thing that never changes is their dedication to inventive alcoholic beverages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the legal drinking age in Alexandria, VA?
  2. The legal drinking age in Alexandria is 21 years old, the same as the rest of the United States.

  3. Is there free parking available in Alexandria?
  4. Free parking in Alexandria is limited, but there are a variety of paid parking garages and lots available throughout the city. Street parking is also available, but may be metered.

  5. Can I bring my own wine or beer to a restaurant in Alexandria?
  6. It’s important to check with the establishment beforehand, but most restaurants in Alexandria do not allow outside beverages to be brought in.

  7. Are there any alcohol-free activities to do in Alexandria?
  8. Absolutely! Alexandria is home to several museums, art galleries, and historical sites that are perfect for anyone not interested in alcohol-related activities.


No matter what your preference is when it comes to booze, Alexandria has it all. From craft beers to fine wines, this city is a paradise for those who love a good drink. So pack your bags and head to this charming town for your next boozy adventure!

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