Breaking Binary: The Intersection of Beer and Transgender Identity

Breaking Binary: The Intersection of Beer and Transgender Identity

The Growing Intersection of Beer and Transgender Identity

There’s no doubt that beer has long been a symbol of traditional masculinity. From the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales to the target audience of the classic Coors “Banquet Beer” ads, beer has been marketed as a beverage for men. But as our society continues to grapple with issues of gender identity and expression, the beer industry is starting to see a shift.

More and more breweries are embracing transgender identity and showing support for the LGBTQ+ community. For example, Seattle’s Elysian Brewing has collaborated with GayCity to brew a beer called “GLITTERis Pride,” which donates a portion of its proceeds to LGBTQ+ organizations.

Transgender Breweries and Beer Professionals

In addition to broader industry support, there are also transgender individuals making a name for themselves in the beer world. One such person is Sam Dumas, the co-founder of Trans Brewing. This California-based brewery is unique in that it is entirely run by transgender individuals, with the express purpose of promoting gender diversity in the beer industry.

In the UK, Jackie Meldrum launched a beer called “Lollipop Lager,” which she brewed in response to the gender binary that dominates the beer industry. She felt that women were often not taken seriously in the beer world, and wanted to create a beer that was approachable, fun, and inclusive.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Beer Industry

While the growing intersection of beer and transgender identity is certainly a sign of progress, it has not been without challenges. For example, there have been instances of breweries that have attempted to brew “transgender-themed” beers, which have been met with criticism and backlash.

At the same time, there are many opportunities for the beer industry to create spaces and products that are more inclusive and diverse. This can involve everything from using gender-neutral language in marketing materials, to creating more welcoming taprooms and events, to collaborating with LGBTQ+ organizations.

The Role of Beer in Breaking Down Gender Barriers

So why is it important for the beer industry to embrace transgender identity? For one, it helps to break down the binary gender norms that have long defined our culture. By creating more space for individuals who identify outside of the gender binary, the beer industry can help create a more tolerant and accepting society.

Moreover, beer has always been a social beverage that brings people together. By creating a more inclusive beer culture, we can help break down barriers and promote acceptance and understanding across all genders and identities.


Q: What are some other ways in which the beer industry is promoting diversity and inclusion?

A: In addition to supporting transgender identity, many breweries are also working to elevate the voices of people of color and women in the industry. This can involve everything from hosting events and tastings that showcase diverse voices, to hiring a more diverse workforce, to creating beers that reflect a wider range of cultural identities.

Q: How can individuals show support for the intersection of beer and transgender identity?

A: There are many ways that beer drinkers can show support for a more inclusive beer industry. This can involve seeking out and supporting breweries that are committed to diversity and inclusion, attending events that promote these values, and using your platform on social media to amplify the voices of underrepresented individuals in the beer world.

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