Beer vs Lager: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Beer vs Lager: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Beer has become a universal drink that has been enjoyed for centuries and is a popular beverage throughout the world. Within the category of beer, there are various types, but the most common ones belong to two classifications: beer and lager.

Many people might assume that both are identical, however, there some considerable contrasts between both types. So, let’s have a look at each one and make a comparison to determine which one is the champion of the beer competition.

What is Beer?

Beer is a popular alcoholic beverage generated by fermenting particular grains such as barley, hops, yeast, and water. The crucial elements that distinguish beer from other alcoholic drinks are hops, which contribute to the brewery and the beer’s bitterness, aroma, and flavor.

In all likelihood, beer was created by accident or coincidence. The process of making beer involves fermenting water and barley, which likely occurred accidentally centuries ago, when bread was left out for too long, and the water and barley began to ferment.

What is Lager?

Lagers, like beer, are fermented alcoholic beverages brewed by yeast and other agents. However, there are notable distinctions in the brewing technique. Lagers are fermented at a lower temperature, which results in a cleaner and crisper finish.

Lagers are traditionally made by fermenting cold, which results in greater freshness and durability compared to other beverages. Because of its lightness and low alcohol content, it’s the most preferred beer for refreshing and cooling oneself when hot outside.

The differentiation between Beer and Lager?

Beer is commonly fermented at temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. This fermentation technique lets the beer brew’s yeast to mix more easily with the beer, resulting in a more complicated flavor profile.

On the other hand, Lagers are brewed in cold temperatures, typically ranging from 7 to 15 degrees Celsius, which inhibits the growth of bacteria.

While Beer has a pronounced malt and yeast flavor that blends with the aroma of hops, Lager has a more delicate and straightforward flavour that lacks the strong nutty flavour found in Beer.

Beer vs. Lager: Taste

The difference between Beer and Lager doesn’t simply fall into the brew’s aesthetic aspects. There are some variations in taste.

Beer usually has a thick, robust, and malty flavor that varies depending on the ingredients used during the brewing process. Beers come in various taste profiles, including crisp, hoppy, fruity, and malty ones, to name a few.

Lager, on the other hand, usually has a lighter, cleaner taste, making it a more refreshing choice on hot days. Lagers also possess a floral or herbal aroma and a subtle, barely-there sweetness.

Alcohol Content

Alcohol percentage is another important factor to consider in the Beer vs. Lager debate. While both beer and lager have alcohol in them, the percentage usually differs between the two.

Beer usually has a somewhat high degree of alcohol content, reaching up to 12%, depending on the brew. Lagers, on the other hand, are less dense and usually have a lower alcohol percentage, usually around 5%.


If you’re looking to count calories, then Lager might be the smarter option. Lager is low in calories and carbohydrates, with only 100-120 calories per can or bottle.

Beers, on the other hand, are denser and usually have more calories and carbohydrates, making it less suitable for anyone watching their calories intake.


What’s the difference between Pilsner and Lager?

Pilsner is a type of Lager made of light malts that produce a pale beer that has a moderately distinct hoppy taste. While Lagers are brewed in various methods, they can be categorized as light or dark-colored brews based on the malts used.

What is the smoothest beer?

Smoothness is subjective, and what’s smooth to one person may not be smooth to another. However, generally, Lagers are the easiest and smoothest beer for new and seasoned beer drinkers alike.

Which is healthier Beer or Lager?

Lagers have a lower calorie count than Beers and have a cleaner taste. If you’re watching your weight, then Lager might be a better option; however, don’t forget that beer and Lager both possess benefits when consumed responsibly.

In conclusion

Both Beer and Lager are two great types of beer that differ in their taste, alcohol content, and curation methods. Beer has a more robust flavor, while Lager is more delicate and has a cleaner taste. In the Beer vs. Lager debate, the answer ultimately comes down to personal preference. Regardless of your choice, beer has always been a crowd-pleaser and a perfect beverage to enjoy with friends and family alike.

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